Five data protection fines in april 2024

The 5 highest fines in April 2024

Holding technology giants to account: Recent penalties for data breaches in the US Breaches of data protection are no trivial offense - especially not in the US! In April, fines of between 7 and 80 million US dollars were imposed on five companies. The serious violations of applicable data protection law that were committed. T-Mobile USA: 80,080,000 US dollars (74,701,492 euros) fine The largest fine by far ...

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Using artificial intelligence in compliance with data protection regulations

Using artificial intelligence in compliance with data protection law: Guidance published by the Data Protection Conference The Data Protection Conference has published guidance for companies and public authorities on the data protection requirements for the selection and use of AI applications. The guide "Artificial intelligence and data protection" serves as a guideline and checklist for data protection officers in companies and public authorities and is continuously adapted to new developments. Practical and based on examples ...

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